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Seductively Teasing And Hand Expressing

Sometimes a woman just has to feel sexy and even though I am a 2 time mom, I still like to feel like I have some sex appeal.  I just got out of the shower, my hair is dripping wet, the only thing that helps from showing my goodies is this towel I have wrapped around me, as I drop it just enough for you to see me express one breast, then moving over to express the other breast, while giving you glimpses of my body, sensual seduction is what I call it.

Jan 21


When you’re a nursing mom it’s SO hard to leave your little one. I so admire the working mamas who are out there making it happen, taking pump breaks and keeping that nursing relationship going. It’s not easy.

I had to leave the little one for an all day event the other day. I was gone for over 12 hours. Little one is used to nursing every few hours (and so am I!) Probably the longest we’ve ever gone might be 5 or 6 hours. So, long story short, after awhile, I was huge, full, uncomfortable and swollen. I’m normally on the smaller side with a solid B. After a few hours of not nursing, that might increase to a C. This time I think I must’ve been in the D range! I barely fit in my shirt, my poor bra was doing nothing to contain me. I was leaking all over the place, and what a mess that can be! I was absolutely rock-solid to the touch. On the way home, I had to pull into a rest stop to hand express in the bathroom. Of course I caught it on camera for you. Expect those videos to be up on at some point. I locked myself in a stall and let the milk fly. I was covered, my shirt was soaked, the walls were dripping milk, the floor had pools of milk on it… it was crazy! I kept wondering if anyone walking by was noticing the insane amounts of liquid milk dripping under the door. Even the toilet in the stall was covered in milk. At one point I was trying to express into the toilet to lessen the mess, but it just filled the toilet with milk.

Definitely an interesting experience! I filmed 2 videos and then I could hear the attendants walking around trying to clean the stalls. I had been in there around 20 minutes at that point and figured people were starting to wonder! I wrapped it up, tucked my slightly smaller breasts back inside my shirt, cleaned up myself and the stall as best I could and booked it out of there, hoping no one would see how covered in milk I was. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Then I hurried home and nursed my hungry babe. Ahhh, sweet relief!


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